___no name___

Outside it`s raining

I don`t want to be alone

I want you to be here

I want you to kiss me

I want to feel you

I want to feel your love

I wish I feel you

I wish I get your love

I wish I get love from this wonderful person

And this poet, it`s only for you

You and me in love

If it`s only a dream

I never want to wake up

And if you really love me

So kiss me

`Cause I want to kiss you

But I`m too shy

And now take my hand and say you love me

Feel my heart beating

Know what is right

Make it true

Make me happy

If you want to...


___Our farytale___

A farytale

A farytale

I want to read a farytale

I want to understand

Your farytale

Your farytale

I want to see your farytale

I want to discover

My farytale

My farytale

I want to know my farytale

I want to live my farytale

Our farytale

Our farytale

I want to live our farytale

Our fraytale would be wonderful

You and me in farytale

It will be nice, it will be right

It`ll never ends

Our farytale

Do you wanna live our farytale?


___no name___

My bloody tears

Only for you

I`m crying inside

Can`t you see?

Are you right?

Are you good?

Can you hold my crying blood?

Do you notice me?

This questions are eating me

And when I`m drunken

I will tell you

But I`m not free

I will feel small

I will be shy

But it don`t matter

If you hold me

If you kiss me

If you say, you love me










Die Geschichte, in der nix passiert...
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